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About Me

I’m Tara Omotosho

An entrepreneur, encourager, helper, & cheerleader of dreams.  I’m dedicated to helping you become the person you want to be in business and in life. I was born and raised in small town Ohio but I always had big dreams of changing the world!  So In 2000 I graduated from Xavier University with a Bachelors degree in Social Sciences with a Minor in Women and Minority Studies.  Yes, I was on my way to becoming a social worker and changing the lives of families all over the world.  Filled with enthusiasm I moved to the District of Columbia to complete my Masters degree in Social Work.  I worked as a social worker for 10 years in the foster care/adoption unit and boy did I change lives.. including my own.

What Caused Me To Take Action?

In 2006 my husband and I welcomed our first son into the world and I knew from that moment I couldn’t go back to being a social worker. The job was stressful and it seemed like I wanted more for my clients then they wanted for themselves. Plus my husband was selling real estate full time and “life was good.” The money was rolling in…….. until the real estate market bottomed out and all we had was our income stream from real estate.

So in effort to create another income stream I decided to use my knowledge and become a consultant for an adoption agency. Now this may sound easy, but I really had to focus because I was going to be working for myself. I was representing a company but I wasn’t their employee. I was able to set my own hours and I could manage my income based on the number of cases I accepted. After doing this type of work for sometime I became burnt out again and as we had more children the work became more challenging so in 2009 I stopped working as a consultant. I was at home with 2 children at that time and pregnant with my 3rd however, I wanted to assist my husband by contributing financially to the household. I felt we needed a bigger home so the only way I knew…at the time; was to go back to work, but I was big and pregnant. Who was going to hire me? I was so frustrated. I’m not sure if it was the hormones or what but I felt hopeless!

My husband encouraged me to assist him in the family business, however, I felt like I had to know everything before I took action. My husband showed me that anyone can make money based on skills they already possess. I applied this mantra in 2010 when we created our 3rd income stream and started consulting/coaching people and helping them to start their own businesses. I really enjoy working with clients to assist them in reaching their goals and pursuing their dreams.


That was a mouth full!!!!

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