Inspire Into Action interviews Shymeia Lee

Shymeia Lee, Real Estate Professional, Keller Williams

4 June 2017

Shymeia Lee is a real estate professional who educates the average American on how to build wealth through real estate investing.  She discussed that the school system don’t teach you how to build wealth so she has taken this as her personal mission to help others to understand the process of creating wealth and a legacy through real estate.

She has been interested in real estate ever since she was 12 years old when her parents purchased their first home.  She also had some family members who were investing in real estate in her hometown, Philadelphia,  and she was a part of that process.  She has been a realtor for 3 years now and still enjoys what she does.  Shymeia  stated that all the skills that she has learned from other jobs or careers she has applied them to her current career.

Interview of Shymeia Lee

Shymeia spoke about the importance of having clear goals.  When you have clear goals and you are able to focus on your desired outcome you will see results.  She suggest a To Do List but she calls hers a “success list” and it has everything that she should do.  When she completes a list like this her day feels more productive.  Your average To Do List includes chores, errands etc.  but this success list includes things that you should do that will help make tomorrow better.

“Remain teachable.  Have a I know what I know but there always more to know spirit.”

Shymeia’s inspiration or why she does what she does comes from her drive to create wealth and a legacy for families.  Her husband and her 3 daughters are also another source of inspiration.   She sees herself being a role model for those in her extended family and that helps her to strive for more in her life.  These things help her to stay focused when she is sees herself being “fascinated” with other things that try to take her off focus.

A home that Shymeia’s Clients purchased.

Shymeia suggest if you want to become a real estate professional that you do these key things:

  1. Take a class.  There are many real estate brokers that hold classes as well as the state has licensing courses.  While you are waiting for your materials and the class to start Shymeia suggest
  2. Formulating your WHY. Why are you choosing this field?  What are the key things or people who will keep you motivated in this business?  My addition to her statement is “What will make you different from all the other realtors out there.”  This is called your value proposition.  What value is it that you bring to the table that makes you different from others in your field. Shymeia’s value proposition is that her clients come first.  She measures her success by her clients satisfaction level.

Some skills that Shymeia discussed that are important in business are self mastery, which she defined as knowing your goals, knowing your strengths, and having a plan.  It’s important to stay focused, and remain teachable.  She likes the saying: “I know what I know but there always more to know.”

Some Action Steps for new realtors:

Remain teachable and get a coach that can keep you accountable.

Attend Training:Know your market and know your information attend training

Take Action Now!

If you would like to contact Shymeia she can be reached at 443-297-9161.  Her email address is and her website .  You can also contact her on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram @shymeialee.

For the Inspire Into Action listeners Shymeia will be providing a Free Home Value Estimate.  She stated that it is a Hot Sellers Market so if you are interested in seeing how much your home is worth give her a call.

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